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Nano Sim Card


$6 per day
Micro Sim Card

15mm X 12mm

$6 per day
Regular Sim Card

25mm X 15mm

$6 per day

its yours to keep

$ 3.00
Basic phone Includes Sim Card

Voice and Text only

$ 6 per day

Add delivery charge $15 per product

DO you have Israel Connect SIM CARD?
Add USA or Canada local number that rings in Israel - $1 a day
By checking this box you have acknowledged that your phone is unlocked and can you be used with other service providers.
How to unlock your Apple or Android device.

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Product Name Price Qty
Nano Sim Card $6 per day -
Micro Sim Card $6 per day -
Regular Sim Card $6 per day -
Adapter $3.00(its yours to keep) -
Basic Phone $6 per day -
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Total selected number of days 12 days
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